Richard LeBlanc

Creator, writer, publisher, director, designer, game strategist, promoter, and lead artistic director for all products of Jack and Pookie Publishing.

Rich is one of the most sought-after novelty exhibitors in Canada’s fantasy community.

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Rich's featured novelty
Prophecy, Alpha Edition (Card Game)

Bo'Glin: The Present and Past

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Craig Ferguson

Artistic director and lead anime illustrator for the first two books of our ambitious Bo’Glin  projects.

Based in Oakville, Ontario Canada, Craig is a rising star in the illustration world.

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Craig's featured novelty

Bo’Glin: The Prophecy (CD-Rom Book 1)

The Ptophecy

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Katelynn Chapman-Mcindooo

Editor and sales associate.

From Oakville, Ontario Canada, Katelynn is a driving force in the publication of the Bo’Glin book series.

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Katelynn's featured novelty

Bo’Glin: The Present and the Past (CD-Rom Book 2)

Bo'Glin: The Present and Past

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Melyssa Dixon

Lead creator of our upcoming product line, Shadow Force (coming soon).

Living in Ottawa, Ontario Canada, Melyssa’s

unforgettable artistic style is getting noticed in a wide range of artistic circles


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Melyssa's featured novelty

Coming soon!

Cheryl Coates

Artistic creator and hand producer of Jack and Pookie’s plush toy product line.

From Petawawa, Ontario Canada, Cheryl’s ultra-soft plush products are 100% handmade and 100% amazing.


Cheryl's featured Pook
Steam Punk Pooklet

The Ptophecy

Price $30.00 | ORDER NOW!



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