Jack and Pookie Publishing cater to fans of anime, dark harlequin, dungeons and dragons (D&D, DnD), gaming, role-playing, gothic lolita, kawaii, sci-fi, comics, and those who want tomorrow’s next hottest thing today.

Define the Trend
It’s time to get Jacked up and Pookified!  Welcome to Jack and Pookie Publishing, where we’re so much more than a publishing house.

If you’re a trendmaker with an eye for fantasy, then this is your portal for getting what’s hot before it’s popular, and for supporting talented creators on their way to making it big!

We promote and distribute the novelties of up-and-coming creative talents. From books and card games to accessories and toys, we bring original products straight from the artist’s hands to you.

Check back regularly to see our next hottest novelties and one-of-a-kind creations. Thanks for visiting us!

Visit Us
Find us every Wednesday at Perkins Hobby House, 56 Mohns Ave in Petawawa, Ontario.

Richard LeBlanc

Petawawa, Ontario

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