new stuff

sorry for the delay in updates, been dealing with some life issues that have been setting back my timetable…
the people i am working with are getting back on track
the people i am wanting to work with are sounding energized
the people that are stepping up are wowing me with what they are doing.

we will be having new pooks very soon
we will be having some very new clothing items soon! (they promise to be very cute)
and we are hosting our newest and last contest of 2012…lets make this year go out with a bang
(one of the prizes in this contest will be 1/3 of my table space at Anime north 2013…so i am hoping to lure some of the amazing canadian artists out of hiding!)

also will be seeking peoples in the ontario area that may be interested in modelling clothing items that we are going to be marketing and selling, if interested contact me…

and, we will be having more flash games in the works, more site updates, more products and more fun interactive stuff to show OUR appreciation to all of you who continue to support us through the highs and lows…

this has been a rough year…
and on behalf of me and everyone in Jack and Pookie Publishing, i sincerely thank you for all your support!

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