new contest on horizon and new shows

just a heads up peoples.
we will be starting up our next contest and to all of our canadian supporters and fans, you will NOT want to miss out on this as we will be having a very special prize in the pool this time…

we will also be getting ready for show time
July 27th weekend will be Con Bravo where the Jack and Pookie peoples will be eagerly helping out the epic rebel Rabbit
the following week we will be doing our VERY first Otakuthon (so we will be doing some special stuff for you there.;..

other news…we are working on a few new projects and products
we WILL (most likely) be featuring mecha pooks at Otakuthon…so you will get your chance to get one of these amazing items. we will also (most likely) be doing a special promotion featuring the mecha pooks….that MAY involve a special bigger GOLDEN mecha pook!

will also be looking into making some new posters,
have more games updated to the website
planning more cross promotions!
and pimping out some people i fanboy over (you know who you are)

we got a lot on our plate, but i am doing my best to not overload, to keep strong so that i can w0w and amaze…thank you to everyone that has supported us this far…trust aint seen nothing yet!!!

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