new stuff

sorry for the delay in updates, been dealing with some life issues that have been setting back my timetable…
the people i am working with are getting back on track
the people i am wanting to work with are sounding energized
the people that are stepping up are wowing me with what they are doing.

we will be having new pooks very soon
we will be having some very new clothing items soon! (they promise to be very cute)
and we are hosting our newest and last contest of 2012…lets make this year go out with a bang
(one of the prizes in this contest will be 1/3 of my table space at Anime north 2013…so i am hoping to lure some of the amazing canadian artists out of hiding!)

also will be seeking peoples in the ontario area that may be interested in modelling clothing items that we are going to be marketing and selling, if interested contact me…

and, we will be having more flash games in the works, more site updates, more products and more fun interactive stuff to show OUR appreciation to all of you who continue to support us through the highs and lows…

this has been a rough year…
and on behalf of me and everyone in Jack and Pookie Publishing, i sincerely thank you for all your support!

new contest on horizon and new shows

just a heads up peoples.
we will be starting up our next contest and to all of our canadian supporters and fans, you will NOT want to miss out on this as we will be having a very special prize in the pool this time…

we will also be getting ready for show time
July 27th weekend will be Con Bravo where the Jack and Pookie peoples will be eagerly helping out the epic rebel Rabbit
the following week we will be doing our VERY first Otakuthon (so we will be doing some special stuff for you there.;..

other news…we are working on a few new projects and products
we WILL (most likely) be featuring mecha pooks at Otakuthon…so you will get your chance to get one of these amazing items. we will also (most likely) be doing a special promotion featuring the mecha pooks….that MAY involve a special bigger GOLDEN mecha pook!

will also be looking into making some new posters,
have more games updated to the website
planning more cross promotions!
and pimping out some people i fanboy over (you know who you are)

we got a lot on our plate, but i am doing my best to not overload, to keep strong so that i can w0w and amaze…thank you to everyone that has supported us this far…trust aint seen nothing yet!!!

prize pook alert

at AN there were a couple of peoples that gave me the details for prize pooks they had ordered…they did not give me emails…and have not emailed me. if i am to get these made up to your standards, i will need to hear from you (will be posting this on my facebook and in DA) you have waited long enough, please get in touch with me so we can get these pooks to you asap. (so email me asap, with some reference images of what you want your themed pooks to look like) thank you for your patience and support

mtac and beyond

mtac has come and gone, for those of you who made it there, thank you for being there, thank you for being in cosplay, thank you for making the show as awesome as it was.

we still have lots of photos to work through, know that they will be posted soon and if you want copies of any of the photos of you, just ask and they shall be emailed.

the next show i will be at as a visitor and helper bee, will be wizard world convention in toronto in april…and of course our next big show will be our biggest show of the year, Anime North 2012 in toronto. we will be doing lots of insanity there…if you are not going to be there, you will be missing something special (but dont fret too much because we will do our best to w0w you at ever…single show…we are at!)

we will be doing another golden ticket draw at Anime north, we wont say for what, but rest assured, bring your golden tickets…you will not want to miss out.

last year we did a photo scavenger hunt…this year we will be coordinating with the savage bandito…again,,,what the prize will be…we wont say, but it will be in your best interest to play as it will be fun and worth it!

this year we will be featuring a new attraction, an amazing artist that will be doing some body painting on some very epic models of w00t

this year, we will also be showcasing the new face of the pooklet! currently the competition for this winding down…at Anime North we will be relaunching the rare pooklets and some classic blues!

this year, we will also be promoting the epic Pookinis, the amazing mecha pooks and a few other w00t worthy products that we are cross promoting with! (the only way to get your mittens on these is through them so stop by our table and website to find out how! you will not want to miss out on these rare new items!)

this year at Anime north we will have some amazing guests at our table, the epic people of Romantic Apocolypic will be helping us out so be sure to stop by and show them some love. their work is prime, epic and mind blowing, if you havent been exposed to it yet, this would be the ideal time!

and at Anime North we will be announcing the winners of our latest contest…there is still time to play…so do your best!

and this year…at Anime North, we MAY have some sneak peeks at some new clothing items that we have been hinting at…maybe…no promises but we will do our best!!

contest, prizes, plushies, new products…if there is more we can do, know that we will do our best to bring it!

Anime North is YOUR show and we will do our very best to make sure it is a show that you never EVER ever forget!
stay strong,
stay awesome
stay inspired!

to all our supporters, to all our fans


welcome to 2012, teh year of teh Jack.
we will be working on a lot of projects this year, we will be working with some very stunning and talented people.
we will be working on our clothing line which should be ready by Anime North or at latest Otakuthon. we will be working hard to get teh rare pooklets back in production. we will be working hard to promote the talented people making licensed jack and pookie products as well as making more stuff, hosting more contests and doing our very best to playfully steal teh show…

the first show on our radar will be Mtac, March Toronto Anime Convention in Toronto. March 10-11, we will be sharing space with the amazing Rice Hat Samurai aka Sir Marc, and the talented people of Rebel Rabbit aka Craig Ferguson so be sure to stop by and see what we are all about.

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