It is I, Jack.

You may have heard of me. I am a creator of worlds and a blazing supporter of independent artists in the battle of originality versus plainness.

I get my buzz from all of the amazing creators—the artists, colorists, writers, flash animators, 3D rendering artists, photographers, and so many others—who I’ve worked with over the years. The energy they put out is unbelievable; these people are amazing. That’s why it has become my quest to get their work out there.

And that’s where the biz comes in. I fired up Jack and Pookie Publishing four years ago, and guess what? The list of the stellar creators I promote just keeps growing, and word about the amazing work I do is spreading like wildfire!

If you’ve come to a fan exhibition, you’ve probably seen me having a blast and making a ruckus, generally having so much fun that people need to share in the energy, because I can get them Jacked Up and Pookified like nobody else can! So seek me out, track me down—you’ll never forget me if you do!

- Jack


My name is Richard Leblanc, and I am the real-life person behind the larger-than-life personality, Jack.

Nearly four years ago, when I first started this journey, it was an escape from reality—a place I could not cope with. I was bullied, and in need of a community where I could have fun with an alternate world while still staying grounded in this one.

That’s how I came to found Jack and Pookie Publishing, an amazing little online novelties shop that brings original, up-and-coming creators together with a niche market of consumers—people who have a big enough, open enough personality to really appreciate the heart that our creators put into their 100% original works. If you’re still reading this, I’m more than likely talking about people like you.

So thanks for visiting Jack and Pookie Publishing’s online novelties shop. I invite you to check back with us often, because there will always be something new to make you smile at!

- Rich